Fundamental Networking in Java

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Fundamental Networking in Java

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Fundamental Networking in Java
By: Esmond Pitt

ISBN-10: 1846280303 , ISBN-13: 9781846280306
Publisher: Springer - 2005-09-01
Hardcover | 1 Edition | 381 Pages

The book provides complete coverage of
fundamental IP networking in Java. It introduces the concepts behind
TCP/IP and UDP and their intended use and purpose; gives complete
coverage of Java networking APIs, includes an extended discussion of
advanced server design, so that the various design principles and
tradeoffs concerned are discussed and equips the reader with analytic
queuing-theory tools to evaluate design alternatives; covers UDP
multicasting, and covers multi-homed hosts, leading the reader to
understand the extra programming steps and design considerations
required in such environments.

After reading this book the
reader will have an advanced knowledge of fundamental network design
and programming concepts in the Java language, enabling them to design
and implement distributed applications with advanced features and to
predict their performance. Special emphasis is given to the scalable
I/O facilities of Java 1.4 as well as complete treatments of
multi-homing and UDP both unicast and multicast.

Table of Contents:

Ch. 1 Introduction 3
Ch. 2 Fundamentals of IP 9
Ch. 3 Fundamentals of TCP 19
Ch. 4 Scalable I/O 73
Ch. 5 Scalable TCP 117
Ch. 6 Firewalls 129
Ch. 7 Secure sockets 135
Ch. 8 Scalable secure sockets 185
Ch. 9 Unicast UDP 217
Ch. 10 Scalable UDP 261
Ch. 11 Multicast UDP 269
Ch. 12 Server and client models 299
Ch. 13 Fallacies of networking 339
App. A TCP port states 349
App. B Platform dependencies 353




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